Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoon Set

Pack of 4 luxury stainless steel measuring cup and spoon sets! The baking experience just got more exciting. 

We can't resist this luxe, high quality engraved measuring spoon and cut set for all your baking & cooking needs! This will give anyone kitchen envy.

Designed for measuring dry, liquid, thick or solid ingredients without bending or snapping. Get the perfect recipe, every time! For cooks, chefs, bakers, aspiring child bakers or the occasional kitchen experimentalist.


  • Variants: Available in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold with Wooden handles
  • Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel + Wooden

Please note: Each single colour comes as a 4 pack however the rose gold with wooden handles is also available as a pack of 8 with the spoons.

Care Instructions:

We would recommend minimising contact with harsh chemicals & washing by hand and drying immediately with a soft cloth to extend its longevity. 

Please note: Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks