Extra Large White Pampas Grass

The ever so popular extra large natural white beige pampas grass now available!

Add the neutral tones of our pampas grass to your home to help bring together the colour palette of any room. A great way to add soft texture to your living space.

These dried pampas grass are all natural, combined together, it bursts out a wonderful relationship of transportation. 

Because of the season, the flower material is not an assembly line product, there are many uncertain factors, each bunch is not exactly the same. When the goods are received, they may be dry. When there is sun, you can bask and shake the reeds. The whole reed will be swollen after exposure. 

  • Colour: Natural white/beige
  • Size: Stands 90-100cm tall and plume length is approximately 40-60cm 
  • 10 pieces per pack 

 Please note: Delivery can take up to 3-4 weeks